October is here; the start of a new academic year; the start of a new season, however… NCBF are keen to support your musical endeavours, particularly in these continuous COVID-19 times.

If you are needing advise about a risk assessment template for your upcoming rehearsal (hopefully soon), contact Making Music: OR 020 7939 6030.

October 2020 - to all bands interested in National Concert Band Festival, NCBF are announcing a number of initiatives over the next few months under the banner of ncbf Extra to assist the development of your band, the first of these ncbf Lite is FREE and available now. See details below.

As promised back in June, here is an update about ncbf in these continuous COVID-19 times.

Your band's development is our aim at all times and ncbf are keen to support this - if you are able to rehearse as previously, that is fantastic - if you are having to adjust and adapt, we are here to help.