Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday 22 February of a roadmap on easing lockdown restrictions with indicative dates, NCBF can now define their own plans in various stages:

  • As to be expected, these will now be active from next season/academic year, with the proposed National Festival due to be held this April (or even in the summer) unfortunately cancelled
  • Regional Festivals (see dates and venues below) in the Autumn/Winter will be live events, however digital entries are also applicable recognising almost everyone is ‘starting from scratch’
  • Flexibility is the ‘name of the game’ as regards instrumentation/repertoire/level of achievement
  • The NCBF 2022 National Festival is to be held on Saturday 09 and Sunday 10 April @RNCM with details about participation to follow
  • NCBF Lite (see details below) is still available for all to assist your return to banding to support and measure your progress
  • NCBF Play Day - August 2021 (See below)

Regional/National Festival 2020/21 Dates

NCBF FestivalsWind Band Slots
Big Band Slots
31st OCTOBER 2021

LONDON - Watford Grammar School for Boys, Watford

7th NOVEMBER 2021

BATH - Hayesfield Girls School

13th NOVEMBER 2021
NORTHERN IRELAND - Antrim Board Centre
21st NOVEMBER 2021
OLDHAM - Newman College
TELFORD - Haberdashers Abraham Darby Academy
28th NOVEMBER 2021
- Nottingham High School
23rd JANUARY 2022
SCOTLAND - Garnock Community College, Glengarnock

Your band's development is our aim at all times and ncbf are keen to support this - if you are able to rehearse as previously, that is fantastic - if you are having to adjust and adapt, we are here to help.