Wind Band Repertoire

Bands in the Wind Band classes must include one piece by a British Composer (or more) from the current Wind Band Repertoire List. It has been compiled by recognised experts, each of whom is working with bands at several levels. The grades in this list are those quoted by the American magazine “The Instrumentalist” and are now widely accepted in the UK and Europe as well as in the USA as a guide to the standard of playing required to perform the work.

Please remember that bands should prepare and perform a different nominated piece from the relevant ncbf repertoire lists from the Regional Festival to the Nationals.

GradeTitleComposerLengthPublisherNew 2019/2020British Composer
1… AT TWILIGHTTyler S. Grant3.3FJH Music
1A LONDON INTRADAPhilip Sparke2Anglo MusicBritish Composer
1AFRICAN PORTRAITJames Curnow4Curnow/de Haske
1ATTACK OF THE CYBORGSRobert Buckley2.3Hal Leonard
1CHAPEL ROYALFergal Carroll1.3Maecenas Music
1ENCHANTED ISLANDSteve Rouse2.35Manhattan Beach
1GENTLY I WANDERRobert Sheldon1.55Alfred Publications
1INFINITY AND BEYONDPhilip Sparke3Anglo MusicBritish Composer
1LITTLE RED IN THE HOODMichael Sweeney3.15Hal Leonard
1LITTLE VOYAGEBrian Connery2Goblin/Hal Leonard
1MINUETBach arr Kit Turnbull1.4Studio MusicBritish Composer
1MOAI (Song of the Ancient Giants)Michael Sweeney3.1Hal Leonard
1NO BEARS ALLOWEDBrian West1.35Brolga Music
1PATHFINDERS MARCHPhilip Sparke3Anglo MusicBritish Composer
1PERSONENT HODIEarr. Duncan Stubbs2.1Studio MusicBritish Composer
1QUEM PASTORES LAUDAVEREarr. Kit Turnbull2.1Studio MusicBritish Composer
1SIMPLE SARABANDEPhilip Sparke3Anglo MusicBritish Composer
1SNAP CLAP SWINGMekel Rogers1.46FJH Music
1SNEAKY SNEAKYRichard Linton2FJH Music
1TALLIS' CANONTallis arr. Philip Sparke3Anglo MusicBritish Composer
1THE CENTURIONSJames Curnow2.05Curnow/de Haske
1THREE FOLK MINATURESBruce Fraser2Studio MusicBritish Composer
1.5AMAZING GRACEarr. Williams2.2Alfred Publications
1.5ANGEL ECHOESLarry Clark3.2Carl Fischer
1.5AS WINDS DANCESamuel R Hazo2Boosey & Hawkes
1.5AZTALANMichael Sweeney2.45Hal Leonard
1.5BALYHOO MARCHMalcolm Binney2.3Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
1.5BIG SCREEN FANFAREJames Rae2Universal EditionNew 2019/20British Composer
1.5CEDAR CANYON ROUNDUPMark Williams3.35Alfred Publications
1.5CLAP YOUR HANDSDizzy Stratford1.35de Haske
1.5COLDWATER CROSSINGMichael Sweeney2.5Hal Leonard
1.5EINE KLEINE NACHTMUSIKMozart arr. Duncan Stubbs1.45Studio MusicBritish Composer
1.5GHOSTS OF THE LOST SHIPTyler S. Grant2.45FJH Music
1.5HAUNTED CLOCKSBrian Balmages2.45FJH Music
1.5LA CARACOLAPhilip Sparke3Anglo MusicBritish Composer
1.5LOOKING PAST THE SHADOWSRichard L Saucedo2.3Hal Leonard
1.5MARCH OF THE HYPERION ROBOTSRichard L Saucedo2.15Hal Leonard
1.5MYSTIC JOURNEYRobert Sheldon2.35Alfred Publications
1.5OVERDRIVERobert Sheldon2Alfred Publications
1.5PORTRAITS OF A LANDSCAPEBruce Fraser4G & M BrandBritish Composer
1.5PROCESSIONAL OVERTUREPhilip Sparke3Studio MusicBritish Composer
1.5RENAISSANCE FESTIVALSusato arr. Curnow3Curnow/de Haske
1.5ROCKBUSTERJames Rae2Universal EditionNew 2019/20British Composer
1.5SCORPIONRichard L Saucedo2Hal Leonard
1.5TALES OF THE RIVER WYEPhilip Sparke4Anglo MusicBritish Composer
1.5THE FORGOTTEN VILLAGEMichael Oare2.5Hal Leonard
1.5THE PAINTED DESERTPhilip Sparke3Anglo MusicBritish Composer
1.5THE QUESTSamuel R Hazo1.2Boosey & Hawkes
1.5THREE WAY SUITEAdam Gorb4G & M BrandBritish Composer
2ACCOLADEWilliam Himes4.3Curnow Music Press
2ANCIENT SPELLSBruce Fraser6.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
2ARABIAN DANCESRoland Barrett2.45Belwin
2AS TEARS FALLRichard L Saucedo3.4Hal Leonard
2ASK!John Larrson arr Peter Graham2.5R SmithBritish Composer
2BLOCK PARTY!Joel Spineti2.45FJH Music
2CAMBRIDGE INTRADAPhilip Sparke2Anglo MusicBritish Composer
2CATALYSTDaniel Montoya
2DANCES FROM THE DUCK POND Tchaikovsky arr Duncan Stubbs4.5Trade WindsBritish Composer
2ELEGYDave Chapman3.5con moto Publications U.K.British Composer
2FANTASIEColin Cowles2.2Fentone/de HaskeBritish Composer
2FOR ENGLAND, HARRY & ST. GEORGE (complete)Adam Gorb6Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
For England 1: With Fire & Sword (Gd 2)Adam Gorb1.3Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
For England 2: Treason & Plot (Gd 1.5)Adam Gorb2.3Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
For England 3: Back From The Wars (Gd 2)Adam Gorb2Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
2GENTLY TOUCH THE SKYRobert Sheldon2.3Alfred Publications
2LEGEND OF DEVIL'S LAKEMichael Sweeney5.1Hal Leonard
2LIFT OFFPeter Meechan4.35G & M BrandBritish Composer
2LOMONDS HILL OVERTUREBruce Fraser4Mostyn MusicBritish Composer
2NANCY'S LAMENTMalcolm Binney3Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
2REDSHIFTTodd Stalter3.15Alfred Publications
2SHAFTOES'S HOE-DOWNMalcolm Binney2.45Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
2STATUE OF LIBERTYThierry Deleruyelle3de HASKE
2SUNCHASERCarol Brittin Chambers5.05Carl Fischer
2TERRACOTTA WARRIORSScott Watson4.3Alfred Publications
2THE EAGLE & THE SERPENTKit Turnbull9Studio MusicBritish Composer
2THE MINSTREL BOYTrad arr. Dennis Burton2.15Studio MusicBritish Composer
2THREE JAZZ PIECESJames Harper arr Peter Graham5Gramercy MusicBritish Composer
2TORTILLA WRAPGareth Wood1.5Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
2TWO SUSATO DANCESSusato arr Martin Ellerby2Studio MusicBritish Composer
2WILLIAM TELLRossini arr. Dennis Burton3.1Studio Music British Composer
2X FACTORMichael Oare3.15Hal Leonard
2ZENITHPeter Composer
2.5A KLEZMER KARNIVALPhilip Sparke5Anglo MusicBritish Composer
2.5A LITTLE TANGO MUSICAdam Gorb4.25G & M BrandBritish Composer
2.5A STROLL IN THE PARKPhilip Sparke3Anglo Music British Composer
2.5ABRACADABRAFrank Ticheli5Manhattan Beach
2.5AFRICAN SAMBAAdam Gorb3G & M BrandBritish Composer
2.5AGINCOURT VARIATIONSMichael Brand3.4G & M BrandBritish Composer
2.5BALLAD FOR BENNYPhilip Sparke4Anglo MusicBritish Composer
2.5BASSE DANCEWarlock/Brand5.3G & M BrandBritish Composer
2.5CHILDS PLAYDuncan Stubbs7.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
2.5CONGOLESEWilliam Owens3.45FJH Music
2.5COUNTRY GARDEN GIGDuncan Stubbs2.5Trade WindsBritish Composer
2.5DANCE OF THE FIR DARRIGFergal Carroll2.1Maecenas Music
2.5DANCES FROM THE DUCK POND Tchaikovsky arr Duncan Stubbs4.5Trade WindsBritish Composer
2.5GYMNOPEDIE No 1Satie arr. Kit Turnbull2.45Studio MusicBritish Composer
2.5HIGHLAND FANTASYBruce Fraser5.15G & M BrandBritish Composer
2.5IN A SUMMER GARDENStuart Johnson3G & M BrandBritish Composer
2,5INTREPID JOURNEYRobert Sheldon4.3Alfred Publications
2.5JUAN FOR THE ROADFergal Carroll2.35Maecenas Music
2.5MEETING AT TYRON PALACERichard L Saucedo4.1Hal Leonard
2.5MISSION:APOLLOTyler S. Grant5.3FJH Music
2.5NORTHLAND PINESMichael Sweeney4Hal Leonard
2.5ON THE EDGE OF TOMORROWMichael Sweeney4.45Hal Leonard
2.5PARADE OF WOODEN WARRIORSAdam Gorb3G & M BrandBritish Composer
2.5PORTRAIT OF A CLOWNFrank Ticheli2.45Manhattan Beach
2.5PRELUDE ON AN IRISH FOLK TUNEPhilip Sparke4Anglo MusicBritish Composer
2.5SHALOMPhilip Sparke9Anglo MusicBritish Composer
2.5SNAKEHIPSRob Wiffin3.4Trade WindsBritish Composer
2.5SURFIN’ DOLPHINJohn Hulaton arr Kevin Riley4Forton MusicBritish Composer
2.5THE BIG EASY SUITEMartin Ellerby7Studio MusicBritish Composer
2.5THE CAVE YOU FEARMichael Markowski4Markowski Music
2.5THE IRISH BLESSINGStephen Bradnun3Winwood/Rosehill
2.5THE PIPER OF BRAFFERTONFergal Carroll2.4Maecenas Music
2.5THREE FOLK TUNESGustav Holst2.5G & M BrandBritish Composer
2.5WIND OF CHANGEPeter Composer
3….. AND THE ANTELOPE PLAYJohn Carnahan8.2Manhattan Beach
3A HYMN FOR AFRICAPeter Meechan4.15G & M BrandBritish Composer
3AND STILL, THE SPIRITPhilip Sparke7Anglo MusicBritish Composer
3A QUIET MOMENTPhilip Sparke4Anglo MusicBritish Composer
3AMAZING GRACETrad arr. William Himes3.3Rosehill
3AN ENGLISH SEA SONG SUITEPhilip Sparke11Anglo MusicBritish Composer
3AT DAWN THEY SLEPTJay Bocook5.45Hal Leonard
3BARNABY BEHAVES BADLYRob Wiffin3.3R SmithBritish Composer
3BARON PIQUANT ON POINTEDonald Grantham5Piquant Press
3BRIDGEWATER BREEZEAdam Gorb10Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
3CARNIVALPeter Meachan3.4G & M BrandBritish Composer
3CATHEDRAL VARIATIONSFergal Carroll7Maecenas Music
3CAUGHT IN THE WEBLesley Vincent9Prima Vista MusikkBritish Composer
3CENTENNIAL SALUTEPhilip Sparke8Anglo MusicBritish Composer
3DANCE LIKE DAVIDAndrew Mackereth3.1R SmithBritish Composer
3DANCE OF THE WHALEPhilip Sparke5Anglo MusicBritish Composer
3DANIEL ROCKSBarrie Gott2.3R Smith
3DOWN A COUNTRY LANEAaron Copland3.3Boosey & Hawkes
3EARTHDANCEMichael Sweeney7.2Hal Leonard
3ENCANTORobert W Smith5Hal Leonard
3EXULTATIONPhilip Sparke3Anglo MusicBritish Composer
3FLIGHT OF THE LIVERBIRDSTom Moss8Studio MusicBritish Composer
3GREEK FOLK DANCESBruce Fraser5.3G & M BrandBritish Composer
3JOYFrank Ticheli2.3Manhattan Beach
3KENTISH DANCESPhilip Sparke14Anglo MusicBritish Composer
3KHVARENA - THE CITY OF LIGHTAlga Mau6Trade WindsBritish Composer
3LAUDATimothy Miles4Manhattan Beach
3LIGHTNING FIELDJohn Mackey5Osti Music
3MARCH ON THREE FOLK TUNESGustav Holst arr Malcolm Binney4Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
3MASQUERADEPhilip Sparke15.3Anglo MusicBritish Composer
3MONMOUTH OVERTUREPhilip Sparke5Anglo MusicBritish Composer
3MYTHS & MEMORIESLiz Sharma8.3Forton MusicBritish Composer
3PASTIME WITH GOOD COMPANYHenry VIII arr Philip Sparke6Anglo MusicBritish Composer
3PULSATIONRichard L Saucedo2.35Hal Leonard
3PURE OF HEARTTom Composer
3SHAKER HEIGHTS FANTASYPhilip Sparke9Anglo MusicBritish Composer
3SHINING SWORDRob Wiffin2.2Studio MusicBritish Composer
3STRIDING EDGEDuncan Stubbs3.3R SmithBritish Composer
3SUN DANCEFrank Ticheli5Manhattan Beach
3THE HARBOUR:SUNDAY MORNINGPhilip Sparke8Anglo MusicBritish Composer
3THE KING ACROSS THE WATERBruce Fraser4G & M BrandBritish Composer
3THE SUN WILL RISE AGAINPhilip Sparke5Philip SparkeBritish Composer
3THEIR BLOSSOMS DOWNSamuel R Hazo6.2Boosey & Hawkes
3THEMES from AN ORIGINAL SUITEGordon Jacob5.45Boosey & HawkesBritish Composer
3THREE ENGLISH FOLK DANCESJames Curnow4.4Hal Leonard
3TIME REMEMBEREDPhilip Sparke9Anglo MusicBritish Composer
3WEIRD SISTERSRichard Hayden Taylor2.3Prima Vista MusikkBritish Composer
3WHEN THE SPIRIT SOARSPhilip Sparke4.3Anglo MusicBritish Composer
3WHISPERS FROM BEYONDRossano Galente4Alfred Publications
3WIDE OPEN SPACESKit Turnbull4kit-turnbull.comBritish Composer
3WITH EACH SUNSETRichard L Saucedo4Hal Leonard
3YOUNG WIZARDSBruce Fraser8G & M BrandBritish Composer
3ZETHUSFergal Carroll7Maecenas MusicNew 2019/20
3.5A CHILTERN OVERYURERob Wiffin7.3Shout MusicBritish Composer
3.5A LITTLE SALSA MUSICAdam Gorb4.3G & M BrandBritish Composer
3.5A NORFOLK RHAPSODYMartin Ellerby10.1Studio MusicBritish Composer
3.5A SILENT MOVIE SUITEMartin Ellerby10Studio MusicBritish Composer
3.5A SPECIAL PLACEGoff Richards3.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
3.5AMAZING GRACETrad arr. Frank Tichelli5Manhattan Beach
3.5ANNIVERSARY OVERTUREMalcom Arnold4.3Faber MusicBritish Composer
3.5APPLAUSE!Takamasa Sakai2.3de Haske
3.5ARKENDALEDaniel Basford5Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
3.5AT THE END OF THE RAINBOWRichard L Saucedo4.1Hal Leonard
3.5AUE!Christopher Marshall7Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
3.5BIRTHDAY TREATGuy Woolfenden3Ariel MusicBritish Composer
3.5BLACKWATERFergal Carroll7.2Maecenas Music
3.5BOAT TRIPAdam Gorb7.3Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
3.5CONCERT PRELUDEPhilip Sparke3.45G & M BrandBritish Composer
3.5DEEP RIVERSpiritual arr. Bruce Broughton3.5R Smith
3.5DIVERSIONSDarrol Barry11Studio MusicBritish Composer
3.5DOWNTOWN BLUESAdam Gorb6.1Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
3.5ENGLISH DANCE SUITE (3-4 mvts from)John Gardner arr Paul NobleVariablebandmusicpdf.netBritish Composer
3.5FAR FROM HOMEKit Turnbull7kit-turnbull.comBritish Composer
3.5FIREFLYSimon Dobson5Faber MusicNew 2019/20British Composer
3.5I AMAndrew Boysen Jnr8Kjos
3.5JUBILOFergal Carroll5Maecenas Music
3.5JUBILOSOPhilip Sparke3.55Anglo MusicBritish Composer
3.5JUST AS YOU ARERob Wiffin3.5Trade WindsBritish Composer
3.5LIGHT-WALKBarrie Gott3.4R Smith
3.5LOU’S MOUNTAIN BREADClark McAlister11.3MaecenasNew 2019/20
3.5LUX AURUMQUEEric Whitacre4Hal Leonard
3.5MARCH from A MOORSIDE SUITEGustav Holst4.15G & M BrandBritish Composer
3.5NEW WORLD SKETCHESDan Price11Prima Vista MusikkBritish Composer
3.5NICAEA (Holy,Holy,Holy)arr. William Himes5Curnow/de Haske
3.5OVER HILL, OVER DALEAdam Gorb6Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
3.5POPOV’S PARADEDuncan StubbsFaber MusicNew 2019/20British Composer
3.5PRELUDE FOR HAMPSTEAD HEATHMartin Ellerby6.3Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
3.5RANTStephen McNeff5Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
3.5SERENADEDerek Bourgeois2.3G & M BrandBritish Composer
3.5SHORTCUT HOMEDana Wilson3Boosey & Hawkes
3.5SILVERWINDSFergal Carroll8Maecenas Music
3.5SLEEPEric Whitacre5.3Hal Leonard
3.5SKOCNAAdam Gorb3.15MaecenasBritish Composer
3.5SKY DANCERichard L Saucedo4.15Hal Leonard
3.5SKYRIDERPaul Hart5.3G & M BrandBritish Composer
3.5SONG OF FRIENDSHIPPhilip Sparke6Anglo MusicBritish Composer
3.5SONG OF HOPE (Band Version)Peter Composer
3.5SONG OF LIRFergal Carroll6.3Maecenas Music
3.5SPIRIT OF THE FALCONRichard L Saucedo5.2Hal Leonard
3.5SPRING AT NINE STONESFergal Carroll10Maecenas Music
3.5STEPHENSON'S ROCKETNigel Hess7Faber MusicBritish Composer
3.5STRAWBERRY FAIRDaniel Basford5Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
3.5SUN LOW OVER WATERBill Connor16Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
3.5SUNRISE & SAFARIAdam Gorb8Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
3.5SUNRISE OVER BLUE RIDGEDan Price3.3PrimaVista MusikkBritish Composer
3.5THE SEAL LULLABYEric Whitacre3.4Hal Leonard
3.5THE WARWICKSHIRE LADSGuy Woolfenden3Ariel MusicNew 2019/20British Composer
3.5THREE KLEZMER MINIATURESPhilip Sparke7Anglo MusicBritish Composer
3.5TWO FAIR MAIDSDuncan Stubbs3Studio MusicBritish Composer
3.5UNDERTOWJohn Mackey5Osti Music
3.5WALL OF SOUNDPaul Lovatt-Cooper8PLC MusicBritish Composer
3.5WINTER DANCESFergal Carroll8.3Maecenas Music
3.5YOSEMITE AUTUMNMark Camphouse9Kjos
4A STAR DANCEDNicola Renshaw6Studio MuiscBritish Composer
4A TAMESIDE OVERTUREPhilip Sparke8G & M BrandBritish Composer
4BELLS ACROSS THE ATLANTICAdam Gorb4.2Studio MusicBritish Composer
4BETWEEN THE LINES _ SUCCESSION 1935Kit Turnbull4kit-turnbull.comBritish Composer
4CALL TO ARMSKit Turnbull7kit-turnbull.comBritish Composer
4CANDLELIGHT PROCESSIONAdam Gorb5.3G & M BrandBritish Composer
4CAPRICCIOHolst arr John Boyd5FaberBritish Composer
4CHANSONS DE NORMANDIENigel Hess4.3FaberBritish Composer
4CONCERTO GROSSOLiz Sharma9Studio MuiscBritish Composer
4CROWN IMPERIALWilliam Walton arr Paul Noble6.3bandmusicpdf.netBritish Composer
4CRYPTOGRAMKit Turnbull7Faber MusicBritish Composer
4DEO GRACIASGuy Woolfenden5G & M BrandBritish Composer
4DIVERTIMENTORob Wiffin14.45Studio MusicBritish Composer
4EINE KLEINE YIDDISHE RAGMUSIKAdam Gorb5.15G & M BrandBritish Composer
4ENGLISH FOLK SONG SUITER Vaughan Williams11Boosey & HawkesBritish Composer
4FANFARE FOR A FESTIVALArnold/MacDonald2Studio MusicBritish Composer
4FANTASY ON A MOUNTAIN SONGWilliam Himes7.3Curnow/de Haske
4FAEROE ISLES DANCEPercy Grainger3Faber MusicNew 2019/2020
4FINNEGANS WAKEArchie Potter4Irish
4FIRST SUITE IN EbGustav Holst14Boosey & HawkesBritish Composer
4FOUR NORFOLK DANCESPhilip Sparke13Anglo MusicBritish Composer
4GHOSTSStephen McNeffVariableMaecenas MusicBritish Composer
4HARLECH VARIANTSDuncan Stubbs9.4Studio MusicBritish Composer
4HIGH SPIRITSRob Wiffin8.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
4HIGHDAYS AND HOLIDAYSPhilip Sparke6Anglo MusicBritish Composer
4HYMN TO A BLUE HOURJohn Mackey7.3Osti Music
4JITTERBUGRobert Buckley5Hal LeonardNew 2019/2020
4JUMP STARTEric Nathan7Maecenas Music
4KEYSTONE COPSCarl Davis3Faber MusicNew 2019/2020British Composer
4LEADING EDGERob Wiffin12Studio MusicBritish Composer
4LETTER FROM HOMEPhilip Sparke7.15Anglo MusicBritish Composer
4MAPLE LEAF OVERTUREPhilip Sparke4Anglo MusicBritish Composer
4MARCHING SONGGustav Holst/Reynish4NovelloBritish Composer
4NIGHT ON FIREJohn Mackey4Osti Music
4OCTOBEREric Whitacre6.4Hal Leonard
4PRELUDE & FUGUE: THE SPITFIREWilliam Walton8Bandmusicpdf.netBritish Composer
4PRELUDE FOR AN OCCASIONEdward Gregson4G & M BrandBritish Composer
4PRELUDE FROM 49TH PARALLELVaughan Williams2.3G & M BrandBritish Composer
4PRELUDE, SICILIANO & RONDOArnold /Paynter10Carl FischerBritish Composer
4RED RIVERRob WiffinFaber MusicNew 2019/2020British Composer
4RESTFrank Ticheli8Manhattan Beach
4RONDE FOR ISOLDEDavid Bedford12NovelloBritish Composer
4SCENES: AN ENGLISH LANDSCAPEAdam Gorb4.2G & M BrandBritish Composer
4SECOND SUITE IN FGustav Holst14Boosey & HawkesBritish Composer
4SHELTERING SKYJohn Mackey6Osti Music
4SHEPHERD'S HEY & IRISH TUNEPercy Grainger8Carl Fischer
4SPANGLED HEAVENSDonald Grantham11.3Piquant Press
4SPIRIT OF THE SEQUOIAPhilip Sparke8Anglo MusicBritish Composer
4ST PAUL’S SUITEHolst arr Philip Sparke12Anglo MusicBritish Composer
4STORIES AND DREAMSRob Wiffin12Shout MusicBritish Composer
4STRANGE HUMOURSJohn Mackey5.3Osti Music
4SUITE OF ENGLISH FOLK DANCESErnest Tomlinson12NovelloBritish Composer
4SUNRISE OVER BLUE RIDGEDan Price3.3Prima Vista MusikkBritish Composer
4THE QUEST FOR PEACEPhilip Sparke10Anglo MusicBritish Composer
4THREE PAINTINGS BY LAUTRECLaurie Johnson7.25Studio MusicBritish Composer
4TIME TO SHINEAndrew MacKereth2.5R.SmithBritish Composer
4TO A NEW DAWNPhilip Sparke9.4Anglo MusicBritish Composer
4TOCCATA IN BLUEDuncan Stubbs4Studio MuiscBritish Composer
4TOCCATA MARZIALER Vaughan Williams4.45Boosey & HawkesBritish Composer
4VARIATIONS & FUGUE: THE WEE COPPER OF FIFECedric Thorpe Davies7.3Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
4WHERE EAGLES SINGPaul Lovatt-Cooper3.5Prima Vista MusikkBritish Composer
4WHIRLEGIGGKenneth Hesketh4.2Faber MusicBritish Composer
4WITH CLOUDS DESCENDINGPhilip Sparke6Anglo MusicBritish Composer
4WORLD DANCESStephen Roberts13Trade WindsBritish Composer
4.5A MALVERN SUITEPhilip Sparke15.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
4.5ADRENALINE CITYAdam Gorb7.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
4.5BARN DANCE & COWBOY HYMNPhilip Sparke4G & M BrandBritish Composer
4.5BERMUDA TRIANGLEAdam Gorb6Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
4.5BLUE SHADESFrank Ticheli10Manhattan Beach
4.5BOHEMIAN REVELRYAdam Gorb14.3Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
4.5BOZ DANCESMalcolm Binney10Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
4.5CANE RIVER MURALSMartin Ellerby16Studio MusicBritish Composer
4.5CAUSE FOR CELEBRATIONDarrol Barry6.15Studio MusicBritish Composer
4.5CELEBRATIONGuy Woolfenden10Ariel MusicBritish Composer
4.5CURTAIN CALLGuy Woolfenden12Ariel MusicBritish Composer
4.5DANCERIESKenneth Hesketh12Faber MusicBritish Composer
4.5DIVERTIMENTOGuy Woolfenden10Ariel MusicBritish Composer
4.5EAST COAST PICTURES (complete)Nigel Hess16Faber MusicBritish Composer
4.5East Coast Pictures: New YorkNigel Hess5Faber MusicBritish Composer
4.5East Coast Pictures: Shelter IslandNigel Hess5Faber MusicBritish Composer
4.5East Coast Pictures: The CatskillsNigel Hess6Faber MusicBritish Composer
4.5EMERALD BREEZEMalcolm Binney6Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
4.5FESTIVOEdward Gregson6NovelloBritish Composer
4.5FIESTA!Philip Sparke7Studio MusicBritish Composer
4.5FIESTA DE LA VIDAPhilip Sparke9Anglo MusicBritish Composer
4.5FIRE IN THE SKYPeter Meechan12petermeechanmusicBritish Composer
4.5FIREDANCEGuy Woolfenden10Ariel MusicBritish Composer
4.5FLOURISH FOR SHAKESPEAREGuy Woolfenden2Ariel MusicNew 2019/2020British Composer
4.5FOUR CORNISH DANCESMalcom Arnold trs Thad Marciniak10Faber MusicNew 2019/2020British Composer
4.5FRENCH IMPRESSIONSGuy Woolfenden10Ariel MusicBritish Composer
4.5HEMMING WAYJohn Dankworth14Studio MusicBritish Composer
4.5HUNTINGTOWEROttorino Respighi7Maecenas Music
4.5HYMN OF THE HIGHLANDSPhilip Sparke18Anglo MusicBritish Composer
4.5ILLYRIAN DANCESGuy Woolfenden10Ariel MusicBritish Composer
4.5INCANTATION & DANCEJohn Barnes Chance8Boosey & Hawkes
4.5LAKESIDE DRAWINGSRichard Phillips11.3R SmithBritish Composer
4.5LOCHNAGAR SUITENigel Hess14FaberBritish Composer
4.5MOCKBEGGAR VARIATIONSGuy Woolfenden7Ariel MusicBritish Composer
4.5NAME PERPETUAL, AEseld Pierce10Ariel MusicBritish Composer
4.5NEW WORLD DANCESMartin Ellerby8.4Studio MusicBritish Composer
4.5OLD WORLD OVERTURENigel Clarke5.35Studio MusicBritish Composer
4.5OUVERTURE JOYEUSEMalcolm Binney7Maecenas MusicNew 2019/2020British Composer
4.5PABIAGA’S HEARTNicola Renshaw5Studio MuiscBritish Composer
4.5PARIS SKETCHESMartin Ellerby15Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
4.5PRINCIPIORob Wiffin4.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
4.5PURCELL VARIANTSPeter Meechan13PrimaVista MusikkBritish Composer
4.5RIDESamuel R Hazo3.25Boosey & Hawkes
4.5S.P.Q.R.Guy Woolfenden12Ariel MusicBritish Composer
4.5SHADOW RITUALSMichael Markowski4Manhattan Beach
4.5SHAKESPEARE PICTURESNigel Hess12Faber MusicBritish Composer
4.5SILVER SCREENPaul Hart10.45G & M BrandBritish Composer
4.5SPRING INTO ACTIONAdam Gorb13Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
4.5SYMPHONIC PRELUDEMark Camphouse6Kjos
4.5THE KARMAN LINEPeter Meechan6.25Studio MusicBritish Composer
4.5THE PAGEANT OF LONDONFrank Bridge15Faber MusicBritish Composer
4.5THE RINGING ISLEJonathan Dove6Faber MusicBritish Composer
4.5VARIATIONS: KOREAN FOLK SONGJohn Barnes Chance8Boosey & Hawkes
4.5WHIRLWIND(S)Richard L Saucedo3.5Hal Leonard
5A MAN FOR ALL SEASONSMartin Ellerby12.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
5A SAVANNAH SYMPHONYPhilip SparkeVariableAnglo MusicBritish Composer
5A WEEKEND IN NEW YORKPhilip Sparke7.45Anglo MusicBritish Composer
5AMPHIBIOSITYMartin Ellerby10.3Studio MuiscBritish Composer
5ANGELS IN THE ARCHITECTUREFrank Ticheli14.3Manhattan Beach
5ARABESQUESamuel R Hazo6Hal Leonard
5ATLANTIC ODYSSEYPhilip Sparke16Anglo MusicBritish Composer
5AWAYDAYAdam Gorb6.3Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
5BACCHUS ON BLUE RIDGEJoseph Horovitz20MolenaarBritish Composer
5BEHOLD, GO FORTH AND BE JOYFULJohn Rutter trs Paul Noble9.3Bandmusicpdf.netBritish Composer
5BOHEMIAN DANCESGuy Woolfenden9Ariel MusicBritish Composer
5CANDIDE, OVERTURE TOLeonard Bernstein4.4Boosey & Hawkes
5CARTOONPaul Hart10G & M BrandBritish Composer
5CHARIVARIMalcolm Binney15Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
5CZARDASPaul Hart10.15G & M BrandBritish Composer
5DANCE SUITEJoseph Horovitz12.4Molenaar
5DANCERIES SET IIKenneth Hesketh16Faber MusicBritish Composer
5DAWN FLIGHTPhilip Wilby9G & M BrandBritish Composer
5DIVERSIONS ON THEME of PAGANINIPhilip Lane12Bandmusicpdf.netBritish Composer
5DONA NOBIS PACEMMartin Ellerby15Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
5EQUUSEric Whitacre10Hal Leonard
5EXTREME BEETHOVENJohan de Meij18Amstel/de Haske
5FESTIVE OVERTUREShostakovitch/Hunsberger7MCA
5FETE GALANTEJoseph Horovitz12G & M BrandBritish Composer
5FROM THE DEPTHS OF TIMEDuncan Stubbs14Studio MusicBritish Composer
5GALLIMAUFRYGuy Woolfenden13Ariel MusicBritish Composer
5HAMMERSMITHGustav Holst8Boosey & HawkesBritish Composer
5JOHN GAY SUITEBuxton Orr15NovelloBritish Composer
5JOURNEY & CELEBRATIONPaul Hart7G & M BrandBritish Composer
5LAND OF THE LONG WHITE CLOUDPhilip Sparke12G & M BrandBritish Composer
5LIGHT THE FUSEDaniel Montoya
5LINCOLNSHIRE POSY (any two movements or complete)Percy GraingerVariableLudwigBritish Composer
5LOOKING UP, MOVING ONPhilip Sparke8Anglo MusicBritish Composer
5MASQUEKenneth Hesketh5.3Faber MusicBritish Composer
5MORNING MUSICRichard Rodney Bennett16NovelloBritish Composer
5MOSAICKit Turnbull11.45Studio MusicBritish Composer
5MOVEMENT FOR ROSA, AMark Camphouse11.2TRN
5OMAGGIOMichael Ball17NovelloBritish Composer
5OVERTURE FOR A GREAT CITYPhilip Sparke8.15Anglo MusicBritish Composer
5PARTITAJohn Rutter trs Paul Noble20Bandmusicpdf.netBritish Composer
5RAGTIMES & HABANERASHans Werner Henze14Schott
5RAID ON THE MEDWAYPhilip Sparke5Anglo MusicBritish Composer
5REFLECTIONS ON AN OLD JAPANESE FOLK SONGPhilip Sparke8Anglo MusicBritish Composer
5RETURN TO THE WHITE CITYTom Davoren4Studio MusicBritish Composer
5ROMAN TRILOGYMartin Ellerby11.15Studio MusicBritish Composer
5ROYAL WINDSOR PORTRAITSMartin Ellerby14Studio MusicBritish Composer
5RUNCORN BRIDGEGary Carpenter10.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
5SEA & SKY & GOLDEN HILLDavid Bedford15NovelloBritish Composer
5SCARLET AND GOLDRob Wiffin5.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
5SKETCHES ON A TUDOR PSALMFisher Tull10.3Boosey & HawkesBritish Composer
5SPIRIT OF ANDALUSIAPhilip Sparke7.2Anglo MusicBritish Composer
5SPIRIT OF ENDEAVOURPhilip Sparke9Anglo MusicBritish Composer
5SPIRIT OF THE DANCERob Wiffin12.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
5SUITE OF OLD AMERICAN DANCES (Any three movements or complete)Robert R BennettVariableHal Leonard
5SUMMER DANCESAdam Gorb9.3Hafabra MusicBritish Composer
5SUNRISE AT ANGEL'S GATEPhilip Sparke10.4Anglo MusicBritish Composer
5TERRA AUSTRALISMartin Ellerby13Studio MusicBritish Composer
5THE CRIES OF LONDONMartin Ellerby16.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
5THREE MEXICAN PICTURESGarath Wood10.3MaecenasBritish Composer
5TIME LINESKit Turnbull13.2Studio Music British Composer
5VARIATIONS ON LAUDATE DOMINUMEdward Gregson trs Rob Wiffin15Trade WindsBritish Composer
5VENETIAN SPELLSMartin Ellerby15Studio MusicBritish Composer
5VIENTOS Y TANGOSMichael Gandolfi10.45Boosey & Hawkes
5VRANJANKAKenneth Hesketh9Faber MusicNew 2019/2020British Composer
5WATCHMAN TELL USMark Camphouse14Southern Music
5WIND SKETCHESPhilip Sparke13Anglo MusicBritish Composer
5.5BANDANCINGJack Stamp10.3Kjos
5.5BREAKING THE CENTURYNigel Clarke6.4Studio MusicBritish Composer
5.5CAMBRIAN EXPLOSIONRichard L Saucedo3.15Hal Leonard
5.5CANONS & CADENZASDavid Bedford16G & M BrandBritish Composer
5.5DANCE MOVEMENTSPhilip Sparke20Studio MusicBritish Composer
5.5DANCES FROM CRETEAdam Gorb20Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
5.5DREAMSCAPESMartin Ellerby16.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
5.5EMBLEMSAaron Copland11Boosey & Hawkes
5.5FANFARES & CELEBRATIONSNigel Clarke16.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
5.5GAGARINNigel Clarke14.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
5.5LOOKING INTom Davoren10Studio MusicBritish Composer
5.5MATA HARINigel Clarke16Studio MusicBritish Composer
5.5NATALISMartin Ellerby12Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
5.5SHORT RIDE ON A FAST MACHINEJohn Adams4Boosey & Hawkes
5.5SINFONIETTARob Wiffin14.3R SmithBritish Composer
5.5SOWETAN SPRINGJames MacMillan11Boosey & HawkesBritish Composer
5.5SUN PAINTS RAINBOWSDavid Bedford16NovelloBritish Composer
5.5SYMPHONY FOR WINDSMartin Ellerby19Studio MusicBritish Composer
5.5THE MIGHTY VOICEPaul Patterson16Weinberger/Studio MusicBritish Composer
5.5THE YEAR OF THE DRAGONPhilip Sparke13Studio MusicBritish Composer
5.5THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON (Revised Version)Philip Sparke13Studio MusicBritish Composer
5.5THREE WASHINGTON STATUESPhilip Sparke8Anglo MusicBritish Composer
5.5WHATSOEVER THINGSMark Camphouse14Southern Music
5.5YIDDISH DANCESAdam Gorb15Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
6A COLOUR SYMPHONY (3 mvts from)Philip SparkeVariableAnglo MusicBritish Composer
6ACRID LINESTom Harold6Studio MusicBritish Composer
6ANOTHER WORLD’S HELLSimon Dobson10FaberBritish Composer
6CARMINA BURANA SUITE (any number of movts.)Carl Orff/John KranceVariableSchott
6COOGEE FUNKGavin Higgins9Faber MusicNew 2019/2020British Composer
6DANCE SUITE (movements from or complete)Dominic Muldowney17Ariel MusicBritish Composer
6DER AUFSTUNDGavin Higgins10FaberBritish Composer
6DIAGHILEV DANCESKenneth Hesketh18Faber MusicBritish Composer
6EARTH, WATER, SUN, WIND (any movements)Philip SparkeVariableAnglo MusicBritish Composer
6ELGAR VARIATIONSMartin Ellerby14Studio MusicBritish Composer
6FANTASY VARIATIONSDonald Grantham14Alfred Publications
6HERITAGE SUITENigel Clarke19.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
6INFERNAL RIDEKenneth Hesketh7Faber MusicBritish Composer
6JOHANNESBURG FESTIVAL OVERTUREWilliam Walton arr Paul Noble7.45bandmusicpdf.netBritish Composer
6KING SOLOMON'S MINENigel Clarke12.1Studio MusicBritish Composer
6MALCOLM ARNOLD VARIATIONSMartin Ellerby15.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
6MEDITATIONSMartin Ellerby13Studio MusicBritish Composer
6METROPOLIS 1927Peter Graham15Gramercy MusicBritish Composer
6MUSIC OF THE SPHERESPhilip Sparke18.3Anglo MusicBritish Composer
6OF MYTHS & MONSTERSPhilip SparkeVariableAnglo MusicBritish Composer
6SAMURAI (Revised)Nigel Clarke12Maecenas MusicBritish Composer
6SCENES FROM CHILDHOODKit Turnbull17Studio MusicBritish Composer
6SUMMER NIGHTSMartin Ellerby16.15Studio MusicBritish Composer
6SYMPHONY IN B FLATPaul Hindemith16Schott
6TRISTAN ENCOUNTERSMartin Ellerby16.3Studio MusicBritish Composer
6UBA REX: BURLESQUE SUITEKrzystof Penderecki16Schott